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Reveries a l'Authie, the place for group training, courses,

workshops such as sculpture, painting, and retreats.

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What we do

- Relationship therapy following the 'Hold Me Tight' program

- Mindfulness and silent days.


See the calendar below for the upcoming workshops.


Contact us for more information.

What else is possible!

Are you a trainer, yoga teacher, therapist, musician, artist, etc., and do you simply need a suitable space for your meeting or workshop? We offer numerous possibilities.

Artist Workshop
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The location

Our location is ideal for groups of up to about 20 people to stay and carry out various activities.


- You can cook for yourself, hire a chef, or ask us for a chef.

- There are separate bedrooms with bathrooms, as well as 3 or 4-person rooms with bathrooms.

- We have an enormously large common space indoors.

- The outdoor space is romantic, with lots of greenery, a river flowing through our garden, and numerous sitting and walking areas.

Participant 'Hold Me Tight' - Nov 2023

At a beautiful location, easily accessible from the Netherlands, we were warmly welcomed. It turned out to be the start of a valuable weekend!


On the first day, we already noticed that Marja, Trudy, and Jana created a perfect mix of theory, exercises, relaxation, and conviviality. They created a safe space. It was nice that, in addition to the course, we were completely taken care of and could embark on this adventure in a homely setting, allowing us to fully focus on the here and now.

Participant 'Hold Me Tight' - Nov 2023

This weekend was truly a gift for our relationship. We learned where the behavior of the other and ourselves comes from, leading to mutual understanding. We learned to break our patterns, and the endless difficult conversations are a thing of the past. And if we do get stuck, we know how to deal with it. What a peace that brings! There is more trust and safety in our relationship. We are more connected than ever. We had a great time together!


We stayed in a beautiful location in a pleasant homely environment. We were taken care of very well, and it was nice to get away together without outside distractions. It was also pleasant to complete the entire course in these days so that we could keep going without having to pick up the thread again after one or more weeks. There was also time for relaxation in between.


I recommend every couple to attend such a weekend. It is truly an investment! If in doubt, just do it!


Training 'Hold me tight' 

1.    March 21 to 24 - 2024

2.    November 14 to 17 - 2024

retreat 'de scheidingsbrug;
scheidingsherstel voor vrouwen

6 tot 8 september 2024

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